Why should I take this class and what should I expect?

Why should I take this class?

If you are a new practitioner or a seasoned veteran in the field you should have this modality in your tool box.  Intraoral Massage has recently been approved as a part of a Washington State LMP’s scope of practice and you need to have an endorsement on your license to practice.  Intraoral Massage is a highly effective technique for treating a plethora or head, neck, shoulder, and TMJ issues.  In addition, Facial Massage Cupping (FMC) is exploding across the country and becoming a highly sought after rehabilitative therapy for athletes to the average American alike.  As FMC and Intraoral Massage grows in popularity and the general consumer experiences its unique and effective lasting results the demand for certified practitioners will grow.

MC can revolutionize, diversify, and prolong  your practice as a Massage Therapist.  Due to burnout, injury, and saturated markets the average “shelf life” for a MT is about 3 years.  MC is a great modality to prevent injury, burnout, and situate yourself in the market place by giving you a modality that is effective and unique.  MC can increase your bottom line, it saves strain on the practitioners body and allow you to see more clients a day, at the same time providing an effective and lasting treatment.  Depending on how your practice is structured, you can add MC to your ala carte menu in the same way you offer hot stones, spa applications,  or other specialized treatments.

What to expect from this class?

Each  workshop is an accelerated learning environment with an emphasis on an experiencial and a practical approach to learning the art of massage cupping.  We spend a majority of time in class focusing on the practical application of massage cupping and less time on theory and lecture. The demonstration segments are highly informative and designed to teach through action and experience. The ample practice time helps to ensure each student receives an authentic feel during the workshop how massage cupping can benefit both practitioner and client.

Jason’s teaching style is relaxed, open, and often filled with humor. We believe that learning happens when our students are comfortable and at ease, so we strive to keep the workshop engaging, interactive, and fun.